Oscar's phones to be analysed

Oscar Pistorius' family in the Pretoria Magistrates court on 20 February 2013. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN.
PRETORIA - Eyewitness News has learnt the state will be calling on a top Hawks forensic cellphone data analyst to study the phones seized at Oscar Pistorius’ home.

It has emerged the devices will form a key part of attempts to establish the motive for the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, which prosecutors say was premeditated murder. 

The athlete was released on R1 million bail last week, after allegedly murdering the model at his Pretoria East home on Valentine’s Day. 

Captain Francois Moller is the only data analyst of his kind in the police service, and his expertise is in high demand. 

Moller has numerous internationally-accredited qualifications and training on how to analyse cellphone data to be used in prosecutions. 

In the Chanelle Henning murder trial, he testified about specialist forensic software used to retrieve deleted messages, photos and call logs off handsets. 

Moller uses the handset as well as service provider data to create a timeline of events. 

There has been much speculation about a text message to Steenkamp's phone prior to the shooting, which may have set off Pistorius.

It was widely reported rugby star Francois Hougaard, who previously dated Steenkamp, sent the model a late-night SMS shortly before her murder.

Moller's investigation is likely to determine the truth about this. 


Meanwhile, a media contingent on Monday gathered at the Brooklyn Police Station to catch a glimpse of Pistorius.

In terms of his bail conditions, he is required to visit the police station twice a week.

It is expected to be a brief formality, which will see Pistorius at the station for only a few minutes.  

A police official has told Eyewitness News an entry will be made in the client service centre’s Occurrence Book. 

A police official will take down the athlete's particulars, the date and time and note that the visit to the police station was in terms of his bail conditions.

The book is available to the probation or investigating officers to ensure the accused is sticking the court order.

Pistorius was also required to hand in his passport and may be subjected to random drug and alcohol tests.