Zanu-PF only wants SADC observers

Zanu-PF says it does not want Western observers during the upcoming Zimbabwean elections.

HARARE - Zimbabwean Vice President Joice Mujuru says only election observers from southern Africa will be allowed to monitor forthcoming polls.

In a speech at a state funeral in Harare, Mujuru said the country must be careful of foreign interference.

Mujuru made her party’s position clear. She said Western countries who had imposed sanctions wanted to influence the outcome of the elections.

Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held in July after March’s constitutional referendum.

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora told Eyewitness News Zanu-PF’s position was unsustainable and would be resisted by his party.

He said it is up to the electoral commission to invite observers, not Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe should have nothing to hide.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara says the government needs $20 million for the referendum and $80 million for the elections.

It is not yet clear how they are going to raise the funds.