Global mining in chaos - Manuel

Trevor Manuel says the mining industry will flourish if all parties involved work together. Picture: GCIS/SAPA

CAPE TOWN - Planning Minister Trevor Manuel on Monday said government, unions and the private sector need to work together for the benefit of the mining industry.

He was speaking at the mining indaba in Cape Town.

The Planning Minister also touched on his National Development Plan.

Manuel said the mining industry is tough, but that the sector is in chaos globally.

He told delegates many other countries are also facing issues like nationalisation and mechanisation.

The minister said he believes mining is fundamental to the life of South Africa.

He called on unions, government and the private sector to take collective responsibility for the sustainability of the industry.

Manuel also discussed the August 16 Marikana mine tragedy, where 34 workers lost their lives during protests for better wages.

He said he would be shocked if the Marikana Commission of Inquiry emerged with any big surprises, as the issues behind the shooting have already been identified.

At the same time, civil groups, activists and non-government organisations also held a separate conference on Monday.

The Alternative Mining Conference aims to find new ways to improve the industry.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)