He's back - Cruywagen out of retirement

Veteran Afrikaans newsreader Riaan Cruywagen has decided to take on a new challenge.
EWN's Graeme Raubenheimer speaks to Riaan Cruywagen about his new job at Dagbreek.

CAPE TOWN - Veteran Afrikaans newsreader Riaan Cruywagen is making a quick return to South African television.

He read his last bulletin on SABC 2 late in 2012, after 37 years in the business, and it was thought Cruywagen would enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

However, it has now been revealed that he is the new presenter on Kyk-Net’s morning show Dagbreek.

Cruywagen says he is back on television this coming Monday.

“I received an invitation a couple of weeks ago from the Dagbreek producers asking me if I’d be interested in joining their team. I thought it would be wonderful to explore another aspect of television which I hadn’t done before.”

He admits he got a bit bored during his time off.

“I’ve always been a very busy person and all of a sudden I was home every day. I thought I’m still much too young and active to just sit at home and do nothing.”