Gangster gone good killed in Reiger Park

The pool of blood on the street outside Bonaventure Mynhard's home in Reiger Park where he was gunned down on 30 January 2013. Picture: Mandy Wiener/EWN
The mother of a man who was killed in an apparent gang-related shooting in Reiger Park on Wednesday speaks to EWN's Mandy Wiener.

REIGER PARK - Police have confirmed that a man was killed in an apparent gang-related shooting. 

The victim was killed this morning in so-called "The Doubles" area of Reiger Park, east of Johannesburg.

He was a reformed gangster who had spent several years in prison and was interviewed by Eyewitness News in 2012 about ongoing gang violence in the suburb.

“I was quite shocked when I rushed to the scene and I found him there," says an anonymous Community Policing Forum member who was at the scene.

He says the perpetrators came to the victim’s house and parked their VW Golf outside the residence.

When the man came out to check who it was, he was shot.


Last year, the community was urged to come forward with any information about the shooting of a 15-year-old girl who was shot in the neck, side and stomach. This incident was believed to be linked to an earlier shooting of an 18-year-old man in October.

These shootings took place during a period of increased violence between rival gangs known as the “Sour Boyz” and the “Terribles”.

(Edited by Katleho Mogase)