J Arthur Brown case postponed

Former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown. Picture: Nardus Engelbrecht/SAPA
CAPE TOWN - Alleged fraudster J Arthur Brown is expected to make 'substantial admissions' in his embezzlement trial.

Brown, who was arrested in 2007, amid media frenzy, is facing a slew of criminal charges involving fraud, theft and money laundering.

The state alleges Brown stole R1.13 billion from the Living Hands Trust.

The trust was controlled by Fidentia and paid monthly allowances to thousands of orphans and widows of mineworkers.

It is unclear what so-called substantial admissions Brown plans to make. 

The prosecution wants to consult with him to get clarity on the evidence.

Judge Anton Veldhuizen, who was given a signed copy of the admissions, said this could speed up the trial.

Brown has denied all 9 charges against him.

The state will try to prove he ran a pyramid scheme and used investor’s money for his own personal gain.

In November last year the former Fidentia boss filed an application for "further discovery" in a bid to obtain more of the state's evidence against him.

Representing himself, Brown argued that his case is a complex financial matter and he needs access to all records.

The state gave Brown access to 36 files as well as more than 40 files containing bank statements.

Brown has been in and out of court since he was arrested. 

His trial was postponed in the Western Cape High Court on Monday. 

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)