Humiliating apology for FNB


JOHANNESBURG – First National Bank (FNB) is now counting the cost of backing down on its advertising campaign that saw it apologising to the African National Congress (ANC).

This after broadcasting video clips of teenagers talking about politics.

On Friday, the two organisations released a joint statement in which the ANC accepted the banking giant’s apology.

This episode appears to indicate the ANC is now able to force large businesses, like banks, not to be critical in any way. 

FNB was forced to make what appeared to be a humiliating apology and made a promise that a similar incident would not happen again. 

But the ANC will say banks should not get involved in politics in the first place and that FNB is acting like an opposition party. 

Coming soon after last year’s controversy around ‘The Spear’ image of President Jacob Zuma, this episode could be taken as a warning by some organisations to toe the ANC line, or else.

Earlier in the week, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) described the adverts as “treasonous”.

In one advert, the You Can Help campaign shows a young girl presenting a speech to a crowd of people at the Naledi Secondary School in Soweto.

The girl gives her vision of a better South Africa.