Obama sworn in as US president

US President Barack Obama (L) takes the oath of office from US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (R) as first lady Michelle Obama holds the bible and daughters Malia (3rd L) and Sasha look on in the Blue Room of the White House in Washington on January 20, 2013. Picture: AFP /Larry Downing/Pool
JOHANNESBURG - US president Barack Obama has been sworn in, in a private ceremony in line with US law on Sunday.

But, political analysts have turned their attention to the subject of his inauguration speech on Monday.

Analyst and associate editor of the Daily Maverick, Brooks Specter said the speech will be a broad forecast of Obama's second term.

Specter said that recent holes in Obama's administration will also be addressed.

He said after the fatal primary school shooting in Connecticut in December, gun control legislation will be a pertinent issue.

“Gun control legislation… is something of a testing ground about the way in which the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is going to have to confront proposals coming from the Obama administration.”

(Edited by Katleho Mogase)