Metro police to patrol high risk schools

Pupils from St George Primary in Lavender Hill are sent home because of gang violence. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN
CAPE TOWN - Educators at a Manenberg school on Monday said they were behind efforts by government to establish a safer schooling environment.

Metro police officials will be deployed at six high risk schools throughout the city from Wednesday.

The City of Cape Town’s pilot project is aimed at ensuring the safety of learners at the education facilities which are plagued by violence.

In 2012, schooling was disrupted in several schools due to gang violence.

Phoenix High School Principal Shafiek Abrahams says he hopes that the project will be successful, so that the initiative can be extended to other schools in the area as well.

“We do have a lack of manpower in the school itself. We wouldn’t like to become security officers in our own schools. We should concentrate on what we are primarily employed to do which is to observe the education.”

The province will start the new school year on Wednesday.