Zuma: No excuse for no service delivery

Jacob Zuma delivers the Jan 8 Statement during the ANC's birthday celebrations at Kings Park Stadium, Durban on 12 January 2013. Picture: ANC Pix
DURBAN - President Jacob Zuma on Saturday said there is no excuse for ANC members in government to not give people the services they need.

Zuma was delivering his January 8th Statement to ANC members during the party's 101st birthday celebrations at Kings Park Stadium in Durban.

The President said if the resources are available, then communities should be on the receiving end of those resources.

“Where infrastructure and resources exist to deliver services, there can be no excuse for these services not to be delivered.”

He added that government must also intervene in mining.

“We call on the ANC government to place the state mining company in the forefront of the mining sector.”


Zuma said that the National Health Insurance (NHI) fund will start operating in 2014.

The president made it clear that his government will push ahead with the NHI.

“The National Health Insurance remains on track and plans are in place to introduce the NHI fund by next year.”

He also focused on education.

“We direct our government to expand vocational training and link skills development programmes with industrial growth.”

Zuma said decisive action is required to change economic patterns in South Africa.

The president also declared 2013 the year of unity and action.

“We will build the ANC’s capacity to act truly as a vanguard movement for transformation to change the legacy of apartheid colonialists.”

Government will prioritise the implementation of the National Development Plan, which involves active citizenship.

“The ANC will mobilise the masses to take an active role in development and government’s processes so that our people become their own liberators.”

He reminded the crowd of how far the country has come since the apartheid era, saying that its legacies should be eliminated.

"As members of the ANC let us cherish this privilege and place ourselves at the service of the South African people at all times."

Zuma received a warm welcome from a ready-to-party crowd.