Brakpan factory workers fear for their jobs

A fire at a plastic factory in Brakpan, East of Johannesburg, on 8 January 2013. Picture: Mark Kotze/iWitness

JOHANNESBURG - Investigations into a factory fire in Brakpan on Gauteng's East Rand are underway.

Firefighters spent hours on Tuesday trying to bring the blaze at a plastics factory under control.

Workers reporting for their shifts told Eyewitness News they were worried about their futures at the factory.

They were turned away by officials and told to return on Wednesday to learn their fate.

The company’s spokesperson, Vijay Singh, however said investigations should first be conducted before the matter was addressed.

“Let us assess the situation at hand first, then map a way forward”.

No injuries or deaths were reported to emergency services, and the fire is believed to have been started by contract worker welding in the factory.