Karabus case postponed

Professor Cyril Karabus's lawyers finally have the documentation to exonerate the retired oncologist.

CAPE TOWN - The manslaughter case against Cape Town professor Cyril Karabus has been postponed yet again.

This will further draw out his trial in the United Arab Emirates.

A lawyer for Cape Town professor Cyril Karabus said on Monday a medical file, which exonerates his client, has finally been made available to the defence team.

The 77-year-old retired paediatric oncologist was arrested in August while in transit in Dubai on a manslaughter charge.

The charge relates to the death of a three-year old Leukemia patient who died under his care over a decade ago.

He is being held in Abu Dhabi.

Karabus is expected to appear in an Abu Dhabi court on Tuesday.

Despite several postponements and delays in the case his lawyers are optimistic he will be acquitted.

Karabus’s lawyer, Michael Bagraim, said prosecutors finally handed over the medical file pertaining to this case.

“I’ve had site of the file. The contents of the file underlines every the professor said up until now. It shows that he has no guilt whatsoever.”

Karabus was granted bail in October.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)