2 execution-style hits in Muldersdrift

FILE PICTURE: A man was shot at this Muldersdrift home during September. Picture: Alex Eliseev/EWN.
JOHANNESBURG - A Muldersdrift farmer whose two employees were shot execution-style during a robbery on Friday has described the constant state of fear in which residents in the area are living in.

It is believed five armed robbers cut through the farm's electrical fence in the and went into the men's rooms.

Paul Starkey on Sunday said he returned home after having supper with his wife to find a gruesome murder scene.

He said the gang also made off with his employees’ wages.

One of the two farmworkers died on the scene while the other is still fighting for his life at the Helen Joseph Hospital.

Starkey said locals from Muldersdrift travelled heavily armed due to the recent spate of murders.

“Residents are really, really angry. The whole area is up in arms. People are carrying their weapons around and making sure they are with them all of the time.”

Starkey appealed to government to deploy the army to Muldersdrift, to protect residents from criminals.

He said money was poured into the army, but that soldiers were not being appropriately deployed to protect citizens.

“The army is not even used, why don’t they bring the army in?”