Helderberg crash back in the spotlight

The SAA Helderberg. Picture Copyright: Nadine Eichinger/Airliners.net
25 years after the Helderberg disaster, many still speculate about the cause of the crash. Peter Otzen is ready to find the truth 25 years after his father was killed in the crash.
JOHANNESBURG – Exactly 25 years to the day since the SAA Helderberg crashed, the son of victim will approach the Constitutional Court to force the president to set up a fresh inquiry.

Peter Otzen was born 10 days after his father was killed in the crash and now he wants the truth to come out.

“We would like to see a new Commission of Inquiry, a real one that is impartial. One who’s judge in charge is not a political puppet.”

Otzen is working with forensic expert David Klatzow who believes the apartheid government committed mass murder.

“There is no doubt in my mind that a new inquiry should be setup as it needs to be done.”

Retired SAA manager Brian Watkins said he will support a new inquiry if need be.

“The inquiry should be done, but I believe so much of documentation has already been destroyed, some people have passed away and others won’t talk.”

Otson paid for his legal application to the Constitutional Court which should be lodged within days.

The Boeing 747 aircraft crashed into the Indian Ocean near Mauritius in 1987 killing 159 people after a fire on board.

Commanded by Captain Dawid Jacobus Uys, flight 295 was en route from Taiwan to Johannesburg via Mauritius when communications was lost over the Indian Ocean.

The disaster continues to be mired in mystery, intrigue and speculation about what caused the accident.

Some claim the blaze was started because the airline was carrying flammable, illegal substances for the apartheid government.