Parents warned of paedophiles

Alleged paedophile Johannes Kleinhans is facing 95 charges of sexual assault, sexual grooming and child pornography. Picture: Catherine Rice/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A local organisation assisting child abuse victims on Friday urged parents to be vigilant if their children come home with expensive gifts.

Earlier this week, 74-year-old Johannes Kleinhans was found guilty on 95 sexual abuse incidents.

He lavished gifts on his victims, some of whom were as young as nine years old.

Kleinhans claimed he was innocent as he reiterated he helped the victims and their families by giving them money, food and clothes.

While he gave some minors the basics, he bought expensive items like diamond jewellery and even a car for his teenage victims in exchange for sexual favours.

Matla a Bana's Monique Strydom said poverty forces some parents to turn a blind eye to what was happening to their children.

Strydom said paedophiles take advantage of poor people.

She urged parents to be vigilant, especially during the holidays as paedophiles lurk in the most unlikely places.