Police left traumatised after Marikana

Striking Lonmin workers walk past a dead body in Marikana mine. The area has been gripped by violence which has resulted in at least 10 deaths. Picture: @ewnreporter on Twitte
RUSTENBURG - Police will continue presenting evidence on Friday about their strategy and use of ammunition on the day of the Marikana shooting which left 34 miners dead.

The Commission of Inquiry has heard that police were threatened by protesting mineworkers in the days leading up to the bloodbath.

Lieutenant Duncan Scott will show the commission footage from the day of shooting and explain what the police were instructed to do.

So far, police have focused on the mineworkers' behaviour and produced evidence of how they threatened to kill officers who were called in to negotiate a peaceful solution.

Disturbing images were shown of two policemen who were hacked to death by miners three days prior to the shooting.

Therapists had been called in to debrief officers who had seen their colleagues attacked and killed from a helicopter hovering above.