Satanic ritual murder trial postponed

Kirsty Theologo. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The family of 18-year of Kirsty Theologo on Friday said they were being denied justice after the trial of the three men and a minor accused of her murder was postponed to 2013.

The four allegedly poured petrol over Theologo and her 15-year old friend and set them alight in Linmeyer south of Johannesburg in 2011.

The 15-year-old survived the suspected satanic ritual.

The deceased's mother, Sylvia, reacted with anger and shock when the trial was postponed to 15 April.

Kirsty’s cousin, Liza du Toit, said Thursday marked a year since they buried the teenager and they were battling to find closure as the matter dragged on.

“Yet again we have to go through all that recovery and the procedure and only to go all over it again.”

Meanwhile, lawyers for the three men accused said they do not want the media to report on the trial as it will negative affect their clients’ case.