EWN contracts a new Jerm

Jerm's first cartoon 9 November 2012.
EWN's inaugural cartoonist, Jerm, tells us more about himself.

JOHANNESBURG - For a "varsity drop-out" cartoonist Jerm has not done too badly for himself.

He has won several awards, including Cartoonist of the Year at the 2011 Vodacom Journalist of the Year ceremony, and is recognised as one of the country's leading satirists.

Jerm, whose real name is Jeremy Nell, says he started drawing cartoons after he "flunked art and sculpture" at university.

While he often pushes boundaries, Jerm says he does not believe in drawing cartoons which may be "too rude" or "too crass".

EWN Editor-in-Chief Katy Katopodis says this is a "giant, bold leap" for the news team.

“This is an exciting step in EWN’s evolution,” says Katopodis.

“We’ve grown from a strong radio-only news brand into one which is making waves on several digital platforms as well. I am pleased to welcome Jerm on board and believe he will bring a new dimension to our news coverage.”

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