Lange reacts to George's doping scandal

South African cyclist David George has tested postive for a prohibited substance. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - South African cyclist Malcolm Lange on Tuesday said he will always wonder if he could have beaten fellow disgraced cyclist David George.

George, a former South African cycling champion, tested positive for the performance enhancing drug EPO.

Lange and George competed against one another in dozens of races.

George on Tuesday admitted to the charge after being suspended by Cycling South Africa.

Lange said George's skill and ability was always questioned.

“There were lot of suspicion around his ability and how he was riding, but you can never say until testing has been done and the proof is out there. It’s just sad because you feel cheated on.”

Lange said George and other cyclist found guilty of doping can never call themselves true cyclists

“I never believe you need to get to that extent where you have to take something to be better. If you’re doing that you could never have been a great cyclist because you didn’t put in the work.”

This comes after seven time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong was stripped of his titles following a doping scandal.

(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)