En route to Mangaung

Matshidiso Madia Matshidiso Madia

Imagine South Africa as a person.

She’s young, colourful and ambitious. An 18-year-old scarred by her past and most recently trying to find her way through the Marikana tragedy, battling constant headlines of failed leadership, factionalism, cracks of moral degradation and a stagnant economy that has failed to service all of her needs.

Now she’s making her way to Bloemfontein’s Manguang district and this is where everyone who pledges allegiance to South Africa, who has some interest in her triumphs, is ardently watching her next move.

The Manguang conference is the next chapter in her story - decisions regarding how her money will be spent, who represents her interests and how her children will be educated or taken care of will be refined from the 16th of December 2012, ultimately defining her legacy throughout the 21st Century.

Eyewitness News
will be tracking her journey as she makes her way to the Free State to seal her fate.

Click on the video below to watch EWN’s Stephen Grootes explain what the Manguang Conference is actually about…

Tracking the road to Manguang