Zim losing rhinos rapidly

Poachers have started targeting Zimbabwe’s privately-owned game reserves. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN.
ZIMBABWE - A top conservationist said on Saturday, World Rhino Day that Zimbabwe is losing its rhino at rate of one or two per month.

Poachers are targeting the country's privately-owned reserves including the "Save Valley Conservancy" in the southeast of the country.

Zimbabwe only has around 400 black rhinos and 280 white rhinos left in the wild.

They are being poached at around one or two per month said Raoul du Toit, who is an advisor to the International Rhino Foundation.

At that rate there could be no rhinos left in 30 years.

Zimbabwe's private conservancies have played a key role in protecting rhino but now poachers are targeting them too.

A programme of resettlement in the key “Save Valley Conservancy” has opened loopholes because it may not be hard to tell who is a poacher and who is a settler.”