Unemployment & poverty fuel SA suicides

Increased job losses & cost of living hikes are the cause of more people feeling suicidal.

CAPE TOWN – The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) said on Monday it believes increased job losses and the rise in living expenses are contributing to more South Africans feeling suicidal.

Sadag said it receives more than 400 calls from people who either feel stressed or overwhelmed on a daily basis.

Around 23 people commit suicide everyday, while another 230 try to take their own lives but do not succeed. 

Sadag's Cassie Chambers said many people are struggling to cope during difficult financial times.

She said some people were dealing with poverty and unemployment.

"This affects your emotional well-being, which affects your ability to provide for your family, or even for yourself.

“We’re finding a lot of people who are in desperate situations and they may not even have been diagnosed with a mental illness, but they find that they’re in that very dark space where they are battling to cope.” 

Monday 10 September marked World Suicide Prevention Day.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)