Is SA's milk running dry?

The price of milk over time at three major supermarkets. Graphic: Giovanna Gerbi/Landi Groenewald

CAPE TOWN - The Milk Producers Organisation of South Africa (MPOSA) on Tuesday warned of a possible milk shortage, amid soaring production costs.

A drastic rise in the cost of maize has hit the industry quite hard. 

MPOSA’s Bertus de Jongh said maize is a key, and very costly, component in dairy production.

He added that all dairy products are becoming very expensive to produce.

“We don’t produce sufficient milk for local demand at the moment and we haven’t seen much of that happening. We believe this may result in shortages, which will, unfortunately, be reflected in the milk price.”

De Jongh said dairy production was no longer highly profitable.

“Our major concern is the long-term where there’ll be an escalating population growth, less farmers and insufficient agricultural land which will eventually impact South Africa as well.”

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)