Billing woes handed to Auditor General

The billing crisis in Johannesburg has plagued the residents for over a year now.
JOHANNESBURG - More than 3,000 unresolved Johannesburg billing queries will from Monday be sent to the Auditor General.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) said it will also send the queries to the Public Protector as well as the National Consumer Council this week after the Gauteng Mayoral Committee refused to accept them last week.

The DA's Patrick Atkinson said the billing crisis that has plagued the city for a year has been at the heart of Johannesburg's failure to attain unqualified audits.

Atkinson said ratepayers have already unsuccessfully tried to resolve their queries.

“One of the requirements of the Auditor General was that Johannesburg actually solve the crisis so that the information they provide the Auditor General when they do the audit for the city can be relied on.”