Charge mom for losing baby - MEC

W.Cape Social Development officials insist a negligent Delft mom be charged for losing her baby.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Social Development Department on Monday insisted police seriously consider charging a Delft mom who lost her baby with child abuse and negligence.

The 39-year-old woman was unable to account for her four-month-old infant’s whereabouts on Sunday afternoon.

The child disappeared and was only reported missing on Monday morning.

The police's November Filander said the infant was later tracked down.

“The baby girl was found safe and sound in the care of the Delft Social Services. It is believed the baby was taken there by an unknown woman.”

Western Cape Social Development MEC Albert Fritz said he wants the woman to be taken to task.

“They are not prepared for children. Our department is now rolling out more and more parenting programmes for those becoming parents. If you are too young and irresponsible, you should not be a parent.”

(Edited by Tamsin)