Petrol price to increase by 93c/l

Petrol pumps at BP. Picture: Clare Matthes/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The price of petrol will increase by 93 cents a litre (c/l) from next week Wednesday, the Department of Minerals and Energy announced on Friday.

Diesel will rise by 69 c/l and illuminating paraffin by 73 cents.

The department's Robert Maake said, “The main reason [for the hike] is the increase in crude oil prices during the period under review.”

The rise was also attributed to the weakening rand/dollar exchange.

The department confirmed that a further 3.5 cents will be added to fuel price in September, to help operators pay wages for petrol attendants.

Meanwhile, the Automobile Association (AA)'s Gary Ronald said food and transport price will be affected.

“The 69 cents a litre for diesel has come as a bit of a shock, we weren’t expecting it to be quite that high. Petrol was in line with what we were anticipating.”