Pastor defends 'homophobic' comments

Gay pride flag. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - A pastor on Thursday defended his opinion which linked the homosexual agenda, feminist and abortionist movements to the Marikana bloodbath in the North West. 

In his newsletter for the Family Policy Institute, Pastor Errol Naidoo said a culture of homosexuality and abortion led to a loss of respect for human life. 

Naidoo believed this alleged lost respect for life was responsible for the deaths of 34 miners at Lonmin's Morikana Mine. 

He said media reports were trying to demonise him for his opinion.

“It is all meant to silence people because the homosexual lobby groups all talk about human rights, but they refuse to tolerate any other view other than their own.” 

Gay, lesbian and feminist rights groups condemned Naidoo's comments. 

(Edited by Zethu Zulu)