Parliament want justice for stoning victims


CAPE TOWN - Parliament's portfolio committee on basic education on Tuesday called for a report from the department on the brutal murders of three Limpopo pupils.

The bodies of the nine, 10 and 12-year-old siblings, who lived at a care centre, were found on Saturday.

They were stoned to death.

The committee on basic education addressed the murders on Tuesday, saying a motive needs to be uncovered.

The children were last seen during a march to demand more teachers at the Dikobo Primary School.

Their bodies were found with their hands and feet bound by shoelaces.

The 12-year-old girl had been raped.

Portfolio committee chairperson Hope Malgas asked for more details on the case and was told by a Member of Parliament from the area that one of the boys' eyes had been removed.

The committee wants a report back from the department as no arrests have been made.

A memorial service for the children will be held on Thursday.

(Edited by Tamsin Wort)