SA gained from COP17 - Minister

COP17 - UN Climate Change Conference 2011. Picture: Supplied

Delegates at the Conference of the Parties (COP17) international climate talks were still trying to find consensus at the Durban Convention Centre.

However, Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said there were many benefits for South Africa regardless of what happened.

She said there had been a downside after three environmental activists were deported for breaking the law.

The minister added one had to look at both sides of the balance sheet when hosting an event like COP17.

Against the expense to the public purse were the VAT revenues from full hotels, the business boost and the benefit of raised public awareness about energy saving.

“We must not look at the rand and cents that came out of the budget, but you must balance all that and you will find that probably the net gained,” she explained.

(Edited by Zethu Zulu)